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About Us

History of HBW’s Exclusive Double Verified Leads

HBW Leads, LLC, was established in 2005 by insurance agents looking for a way to grow their agency. These agents combined their sales expertise with the latest in calling technology for generating qualified insurance leads. HBW Leads has created a system that guarantees exclusive auto insurance leads of the highest quality, best value, and with winning service for insurance agents nationwide.

Call Verified Insurance Leads

Our call verified services are tailored for insurance agents seeking to grow their business. Our team of script writers have developed a conversational format to generate scripts and leads insurance agents want. After modifying the script to achieve the best success for the insurance agent, HBW Leads established procedures to verify an accurate and double verified lead development system. All car insurance call verified leads are recorded and graded for accuracy by an expert quality assurance staff. We are dedicated to ensuring the accuracy of the lead to guarantee the highest quality.

HBW Leads grew from serving its local area agents to helping agents find exclusive and qualified insurance leads across the country. Currently, we help companies including Allstate, Farmers, Nationwide and other insurance agencies grow their businesses. In addition, our sales experts offer training to agents so they can maximize the effectiveness of their unique call verified leads. We also offer peer mentorships to active clients to help them write more quotes, earn new customers and grow the bottom line. Stop spending money and time on ineffective lead generation and call us today.

To take advantage of qualified car insurance telemarketing leads with HBW Leads, give us a call today at 800.456.2701.