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Step 1: Select your market area.

Enter a primary ZIP code and additional details about where your prospective customers are located. If you are licensed in multiple states, you may click the checkbox to include prospects from bordering states.

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The Benefits of Partnering with HBW Leads.

Exclusive Double Verified Leads within 24 Hours

Each lead is delivered to only one agent, you. This exclusive access to interested insurance buyers is unique to HBW’s call verification system and differs from those of internet-generated leads, which are sold to multiple agencies. Our phone representatives speak directly with the interested prospect and create a relationship on your behalf. All calls are recorded, so the information gathered through the phone conversation is reviewed for accuracy and completeness, and then emailed directly to your agency within 24 hours of the phone call.

Double Verified Auto Insurance Leads

HBW stands by our commitment to provide you with hot, high-quality leads for your business. If you ever run into a problem with a lead, you can submit for a credit here on our website.

Geographic Targeting

You can start with a zip code, and then expand the search radius from 1 to 100 miles. Our IT analysts can also target your campaigns by state and bordering states.

Weekly Lead Fulfillment

Depending on the availability of exclusive markets, you can choose the number of leads you would like to receive weekly. HBW has the capacity to meet the needs of both large and small agencies.

Integration with Sales and CRM Software

HBW has the capacity to import leads directly into sales prospecting software systems, like Navigator, SIMS, Blitz Lead Management, RoboAgent, QuoteBurst and Velocify.

Discounts and Incentives for Qualifying Agents

For agents working with Metlife and Nationwide Insurance, discounts and incentives, such as cost sharing and CoOP plans, may be available.

Training and Peer Mentoring

HBW is committed to growing your business one lead at a time. Our experience in the insurance industry shows that in order to grow your business, you need to be able to convert leads into policies. HBW offers training and peer mentoring to help you make the most of your telemarketed lead.

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